We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand-new Ad Remover Privacy Browser for Android users!

Why use Privacy Browsers?

They allow you to browser with complete peace of mind, without having to worry about your passwords, search records, and browsing history from being saved on the device you are using. This means zero tracks on your device when you surf the Internet.

Tired of seeing annoying ads?

No problem! We’ve got you covered on that front as well. Say goodbye to ads for good.

The Ad Remover Privacy Browser is your all-in-one app that protects you from unsolicited ads and malicious trackers while you search and browse privately.

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But not just that! You’ll have faster-loading sites, saving you Internet data and headaches!

Here’s what you get with Ad Remover Privacy Browser:

  • Fast and Secure Privacy Browsing
  • Ad Blocker and Tracker Blocker
  • Private Search
  • Unprotected Sites List
  • Desktop Mode
  • Dark Mode

Experience a faster, safer and more private browsing experience on your Android device today!

Download and try Ad Remover Privacy Browser for FREE from the Google Play store.

Happy browsing,
The Ad Remover Team

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