Hate the annoying image and video ads on YouTube?

So do we, and that’s why we created Ad Remover.

Ad Remover is not only the best YouTube ad locker you can get for your devices, but it also blocks ads across all other types of websites. Put simply, it is an ad blocker that just works. Enjoying an ad-free video watching and browsing experience should be an option for end users.

Why is Ad Remover the Best YouTube Ad Blocker?

  • One click blocking of all types of YouTube ads: unskippable ads, sidebar ads and banner ads
  • One click pausing of ad blocking to support your favorite content creators
  • Uninterrupted video playback when ads are being blocker
  • Complete blocking of ad and privacy tracker cookies

How do I use Ad Remover to Block ads on YouTube?

  1. Visit the Ad Remover home page
  2. Click the green button to add Ad Remover to your Chrome, Edge or Firefox browser
  3. Enable your Ad Remover extension to start blocking ads
  4. Visit Youtube.com to start watching videos ad-free!

It really is that simple.

But that’s not all.

When you register your Ad Remover, you get access to unlimited ad blocking across YouTube and other ad heavy websites on up to 5 devices. We’ve got you covered on desktop and mobile.

Now you can enjoy YouTube the way it was meant to be!

Happy Watching,
The Ad Remover Team

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