Ever wanted to use Ad Remover in German and Japanese? Well… now you can!

We are happy to announce our new German and Japanese versions of Ad Remover!

Now you will be able to understand all important Ad Remover’s information in your preferred language.

Not just that, we have also launched Ad Remover in these two languages for Chrome Web Store, Edge Add-ons, and Firefox Add-ons so you can enjoy Ad Remover in German and Japanese!

And if you thought on using Ad Remover on your iPhone or iPad, well… you can also do that by downloading the app on your preferred language. Remember that you can pay in the currency of your choice!

Install the app on your iPhone by clicking here: iOS Ad Remover app

For desktop users, go to adremover.org and simply use the language switcher at the top right corner of the screen, to set Ad Remover in German or Japanese.

Remember, with Ad Remover you’ll block all types of online ads and malicious trackers, making your browser load websites 44% faster and save 19% of data!

Wait no longer! And enjoy Ad Remover in German or Japanese!

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