In an age of ever-present and ever-rising privacy concerns, the threat of having your personal information compromised is something that virtually every internet consumer has been forced to remain aware of in their daily web browsing. Unfortunately, there will always be malicious actors online who are capitalizing on an unassuming public. Fortunately, there are some simple steps that you can take to identify these harmful actors and dramatically decrease your chances of falling prey to your private data being compromised.

A common question that is asked and that, frankly, should be asked when installing any third-party product onto your device is: “Is this product legitimate?” A persisting software trend is for malicious developers to distribute a product that accesses, stores, and sells a user’s private information by masquerading as an application with a very different stated purpose and utility.

Is Ad Remover Legitimate?

In short, Ad Remover (not to be confused with the similarly named “AdRemover”) is a legitimate product.

As developers, we at Ad Removerhave sought to create a product that genuinely benefits people, that’s easy to use, that offers outstanding customer support, and that actually helps users in keeping their information private and enjoying their time online. Operating as a legitimate company has been and will continue to be a primary tenant of Ad Remover and one only needs to look at what our users have communicated.

Below, we will review ways to learn more about Ad Remover and any product that you are considering installing online. In doing some quick and easy investigation, a user can tell a great deal about the legitimacy of a product by 1) how it is distributed, 2) the average user rating that it has on a given platform, 3) the number of reviews the product has and what these reviews are saying about the product.

1) How it is distributed

How did you first hear about an online tool, a piece of software, or an application? Was it an online ad? Was it through a friend? Was it through a television or print ad? When you were prompted to install, did you install directly from a website? Did you install from your browser’s or Operating System’s webstore (examples: Chrome Web Store, Microsoft Window Store, Google Play, Apple’s App Store).

Ad Remover is compatible across multiple browsers and platforms, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and, very recently, Apple iOS (Android coming soon!). When a user clicks the install button on, they are redirected to their browser’s unique center for distributing reviewed and approved browser extensions. For instance, when a user chooses to install on Google Chrome, they are redirected to the Chrome Web Store, where they are able to read more objective information about the product.

Keeping the install “flow” is an important step in determining whether or not a product may be harmful.

2) Average User Rating

If you’ve ever shopped through an online retailer, you are likely aware of the 5-star rating system that many websites employ. This is a visual metric that can quickly inform a user about what actual users have thought about their experience.

Ad Removertakes pride in this metric, keeping a close eye on what users are saying through these online store ratings, and reviews, as well as what is reported to our customer support staff through email, chat, and telephone.

We are happy to report that Ad Removermaintains an average 4.9-star rating on the Chrome Web Store and 4.8 stars on the Microsoft Windows Store.

Number of reviews and what actual users are saying

As was previously stated, we actively listen to user feedback and criticism. The information that is communicated to Ad Removerby the user is taken very seriously and implemented to make a better and more effective product. Updates and improvements are continuously being released that address reported bugs. Moreover, user feedback has resulted, directly, in several features being put into action that would not otherwise have been.

Lastly, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a standard metric for the quality of service provided, is among the most widely utilized ratings, whether it be on a storefront or company website. We are very proud to have maintained an A+ rating over the lifespan of the company.

We hope that you walk away a bit more informed about how to spot potentially malicious or fraudulent software online and that we have provided sufficient, supportive reasons for how and why Ad Remover has remained a legitimate company.

As always, if you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact customer support.

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