Gone are the days when the internet was simple and straightforward. Nowadays, it is all about either invading the privacy of users or making money by all means. I am not saying that money should not be made from the Internet, but it should be made the right way. Nowadays, with Ad networks like Google Adsense, Info clicks, Yahoo, etc., everyone is throwing ads on their website without considering the effects on their visitors. This is the reason that people are getting annoyed by seeing the same disturbing ads over and over on different websites. There is nothing being done to overcome this problem for good. And the thing is that virtually everybody around the globe is a victim of getting targeted by these nerve-wracking ads at one time or another.

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Have You Been a Victim of Malware From Ads?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been the victim of this type of aggressive advertising on many occasions until I discovered the glories of ad blocking. I remember one time when I had had a really long day and was surfing the internet when I started to see ads for some stressful events that were happening in the national news. I became almost overwhelmed, with the emotional content compounding my already difficult day. And this doesn’t stay on one website. All of the websites will be running the same ads, why? Because it depends on what the trending topic of the day or week is and these websites run ads on those topics. They don’t care if those ads should be put on the internet in the first place or not. So just because of those ads, I remained reluctant in browsing the internet for days.

Well, this was the extreme case, but the gist of the matter is that I understand what the constant appearance of the same annoying ads can do to a person. These ads create a stressful environment that spreads negativity around a person and that directly affects mental health. Imagine, you wake up in the morning, browsing the internet before going to the office. Suddenly, you see a disturbing and stressful ad that changes the course of your morning. All because of a single ad!

Stressful Ads on News Sites Need To Go

Nowadays, the trending topics center around the ongoing case between Donald Trump and Robert Mueller. Court rulings, new findings, and all of the negativity on Twitter have already annoyed people as this news has been appearing on almost all news channels. But, that’s not it, the topic has now fallen into the hands of Advertisers. And now, they are running nonstop ads on virtually all of the websites; I bet you have seen these ads as well. Be it a news website or an entertainment website; you will not be able to browse without seeing the faces of both Trump and Robert Mueller. People are already annoyed with the subject as it has been running on Television for days, and now it has taken over the internet as well. Where do people go now? This is not the first time that something overwhelming like this has happened and this is certainly not the last time either. So that’s what should be changed, with the UK government passing laws like GDPR, a law should be passed for the stressful and constant advertising of the same content. But, there is absolutely nothing being done about the issue. However, there is something that you can do on your own. And the good news is that your problem will be solved forever. What you need to do is to use a content filtering service. This service will filter the ads and will stop them from loading and annoying you.

How to Block Ads With Ad Remover

Now the million-dollar question is, how to filter ads? Well, this is pretty easy. All you need is the help of an ad blocker. And I happen to know the one that is just perfect and does an impeccable job in blocking the ads that you don’t want to see. The name of this ad blocker is Ad-Remover. With this ad blocker, you will not have to worry about surfing the internet and then coming across disturbing advertisements. Ad Remover works by preventing the server calls to the ad networks that display ads. So if there is no server call about displaying an ad, the ad will not appear in the first place. But still, to make sure there is no loophole, the Ad Removergoes an extra mile and hides the display of the ad images. This way, you will not see any ad even if it appears. The software is programmed in a way that it constantly evolves and is becoming more and more intelligent in recognizing which type of content is an ad and which type is not. Therefore, the other content of the website besides the ad will not be blocked. But this is not the only benefit that comes with the Ad Remover, have a look at some of its features:

• Data Privacy: The Ad Removernot only blocks ads but it also blocks the websites that invade on user’s privacy and grabs his/her data. With the use of Ad Remover, you can browse every website without worrying about compromising your private data or your identity.

• Straightforward: Ad Remover is pretty simple to use and can be installed with literally just two clicks. It also has the in-browser control that simplifies everything.

• Increases Loading Speed: The Ad Removertakes off the extra load that the websites put on your internet and as a result, websites load with lightning speed.

• Affordable: Unlike other ad blockers that charge tons of dollars for providing the protection, the Ad Removerdoes more than they do at very small prices.

Now that you know what this powerful ad blocker and content filtering software are capable of, I am sure you will make the right choice. Just give this ad blocker a try, and your life will become a lot simpler and stress-free.

Install Ad Remover and start blocking ads! Click on the link below to download it.

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