As I’ve been browsing the Internet lately, there is nothing more disturbing and annoying than ads popping up on videos you are trying to stream in peace. Apart from the fact that it wastes data, it also causes unnecessary delay. For someone trying to quickly search and watch a video online, they have to pass through unnecessary ads that they can’t even skip until after some seconds.

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Ad Remover Software Improves Your Cooking Experience

The main problem with some of these ads is that they usually block important and relevant information about what you are trying to view. It renders most tutorial videos useless and not interesting. Finally, I went on a search in how I could block these ads for good and found Ad Remover.

A friend of mine shared her terrible experience with ads while on her quest to become a better home cook. She has been trying to learn at and on the New York Times cooking site in order to step up her game in the kitchen. However, nothing has proven to hinder her learning more than ads that showed up whenever she’s trying to watch the video tutorials or read simple text recipes. Not only do the ads advertise things she would never be remotely interested in, they also cover all of the content that she’s trying to take in. She became so dismayed, as I have in the past, that she just about gave up this new passion/hobby.

Around this time, I had begun reading about ad blocking and how it might be just what I had been looking for myself. I told her and, together, we tried several ad-blocking products ranging from free ones to premium ones. What I found in my reading and, indeed, in my personal experience as well as that free ad blockers were allowing some ads through. In a sort of “pay-to-play” arrangement, large ad networks were paying these free ad blockers to allow some ads through!

Best Ad Blocking Software For Learning To Cook Online

I was drawn to Ad Remover, at first, because they offered a free trial without me having to put in any information at all. That was something some of the other Premium ad blockers didn’t offer, so I gave it a shot. To my amazement, I didn’t encounter a single ad the first day I had it installed, or the day after, or the day after that. I’ve now had it installed a month and upgraded to their annual plan, which is actually a great deal.

My friend, “the cook,” has also had it installed for that long and she is so relieved to be able to get on with learning to be a better cook for her family. And without the interruption and annoyance of all of those pesky ads!

Install Ad Remover and start blocking ads! Click on the link below to download it.

Download Ad Remover

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