It’s no news that ads are used by business owners to earn money via ad placements. These ads are used to the detriment of online consumer surfers. They’re an internet user’s worst nightmare, at least for me. It gets so frustrating when I see ads on my favorite sites, my search engine results, and even when I open my favorite application! I hate the fact that it ruins my time on the internet, slowing down how long it takes a page to load and distracting me with flashing animations and bright colors that steal my focus away from the actual content I’m trying read/watch.

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Ad Blocker and Pop-Up Blocker Saved My Privacy

I can’t count the number of times a popup ad that I’ve accidentally clicked links me to an untrustworthy page. I didn’t even know you could block ads until, ironically, I saw an ad from Ad Remover online while I was on one of my favorite sites. I have rarely clicked on an ad purposefully, but I had reached the end of my rope and NEEDED these ads gone. I have had concerns about privacy because it is a known fact that targeted ads access my browsing history and personal data. Thanks to this whole ad-blocking thing, I can surf the internet without worrying about the infringement of my privacy!

I’ve heard some horror stories from friends and family about people’s files being “held hostage” as a result of malicious actors through malware ads. Having this extra line of defense against these creeps makes me more confident in how I surf the web and I can sleep knowing that my privacy is more secure.

How Using an ad blocker like Ad Remover Has Saved Me Money And Time

• It has saved me money and data

• There are less messy pages

• Less distraction

• It has protected my device from malware

• It has greatly optimized my battery life when I’m surfing the web on my laptop on the go

• It has increased the page load speeds of the website I visit

What the ad-block does is filter video, flash animation, images, and audio files to enhance security and privacy. If you do not use an ad blocker, your computer may be exposed to several harmful threats distributed through advertisements and that’s just not something I want to have to worry about.

Thanks, Ad Remover!

Install Ad Remover and start blocking ads! Click on the link below to download it.

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